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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I’m back with the winner! We had 197 entries to choose from and I said that you could feel free to post any off the wall comment that crossed your mind, so it was an interesting read for me as the comments came in. One of my favorites:
Did u know “Dammit, I’m mad” spelled backwards is “Dammit, I’m mad” :D
~ Gail E.
I did not know that, Gail, but I spent the next couple of […]

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Giveaway | Scraphic Design: Core

Back in July I was approached by Tiffany Tillman of Simply Tiffany Studios about creating an exclusive kit for a class she was debuting at – and I was happy to oblige. I had worked with Tiffany in the past creating a coordinating mini-kit (Boardwalk) for her 25 Days of Templates class last summer and it was a walk in the park – like an easy credit in college. Tiffany is very easy […]

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wow, you guys really opened my eyes for future tutorials. Some of them are outside of my comfort zone, but because I’m dedicated to providing answers to them I may have to enlist some people who are far more talented than I am to provide tips and tricks. Others I read and thought “I can totally do that…” so I will work on them as time permits!

On to the good stuff! I like to […]

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Giveaway | Grow With Love: Staycation

Summer can be a difficult time for scrapbookers – or at least for this one. We talked about it a bit on last week’s episode of The Digi Show – about how summertime seems to be when we take the most pictures, yet get the least amount of scrapbooking done. I’m sure it’s a mixture of the kids being out of school and all of the events that are packed into the summer months, […]

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Giveaway | Me & My Shadow

For the next week you can enter to win a spot in the Me & My Shadow classroom at Big Picture Classes. I developed this class in conjunction with The Daily Digi and Big Picture Classes in order to expand upon the Mind Blowing Drop Shadow Tutorial that you can find here on my blog.

“Peppermint, why should I take the class if I can read your tutorial for free,” you may ask? Good question! […]

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Q+A Challenge

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that there’s one more week left in our mega designer spotlight challenge at Oscraps. For the last half of this month we issued a challenge to conduct a Q&A session with another person. A single question? An entire interview? That’s up to you. Your page must have at least one question and one answer, though. Stop by the spotlight thread to grab the products we […]

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